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27 February 2008

(Spain) - Spanish pop star Marta Sanchez, daughter of Spanish opera star, Antonio Sanchez Camporro, recently completed a major tour of her home country; a tour that has incorporated an extensive d&b audio system. "For this tour it was important for Marta to have a sophisticated lighting and video rig," said David Castello of audio, lighting and video suppliers, Siempre Creativos, "and it had to be one that can set up fast."

This put pressure on her long time sound engineer Oscar Maranon. "Oscar was already a big fan of d&b systems, but he needed to address one important question: weight!""I needed a system that could deliver all the qualities to which I have become accustomed and have come to rely upon," said Maranón. "Good sound, clarity and power, but it couldn't be too heavy; more than 60 kgs a box was out of the question."

Marañón took the tour into a range of venues across Spain; football stadiums, bullrings, town plazas, and several parks, plus the Roquetas auditorium. "These are venues with wildly different seating patterns," said marañón "From large open sports fields to the steep vertical layers of the bullrings' sol y sombras." For the only indoor date, at the Roquetas
Auditorium, he elected to use a Q-Series system, the d&b system he'd first come to admire; but for the outdoor shows something more muscular was required.

"Outdoors I found I could cover every venue with a maximum of six d&b audiotechnik J-Series loudspeakers a side, using a varying mix of J8 and J12 cabinets; J12s proving especially useful for the shorter wider throws. The combination proved perfect for the long throws of the open fields, yet covered the steep vertical spread of the bullrings beautifully. I also used a maximum of eight J-SUBs, although I rarely needed all eight. This demonstrates how powerful this show has to be, even in a theatre setting.

Marta has a five-piece band, including DJ, as well as four dancers; I use boundary mics to pick out some of the footwork when it's required. The show has broad dynamic range, strong percussive content, rich melodic ballads, power pop, and Marta’s voice covers a wide spectrum. The J-Series handles all of this beautifully."

Marañón uses a Digidesign Venue for FoH mixing with monitors run on an Aviom system to each musician so they can control their own sub-mix, subordinated off a Yamaha PM5D. All equipment is supplied by Siempre Creativos with the whole system linked by an Optocore digital snake. "For Siempre Creativos there are many advantages to this system," David Castillo explained. "The amplifier set-up is ideal; it all runs off identical d&b D12 amplifiers.

Fully digitally networked using d&b's R1 Remote control software, we can produce a sophisticated system control structure, delay, EQ etc, without having to be concerned about how the system is re-configured on a day to day basis. Being able to control any amplifier driving any loudspeaker cabinet from a central point leaves my system tech' free to concentrate on giving Oscar exactly what he needs."

"For me it's about letting the whole audience feel the energy and excitement Marta brings to the stage," concluded Oscar Marañón. "That's exactly what this system from Siempre has given me. Great system, great crew, great sound."


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