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31 January 2008

(Ireland) - Alternative hip-hop trio Fun Lovin' Criminals chose a Soundcraft Vi digital console for their Irish tour at the end of last year, at the behest of sound engineer Chris Roberts, who has worked with the New York City band for nine years.

Chris is no stranger to working with the Vi6, having been very impressed whilst road-testing it on the UNKLE LIVE tour last summer. Supplied by Harman Pro UK on both occasions, the digital desk was deemed the obvious choice for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals according to Chris, who has over twenty years experience in FOH and monitors engineering for many artists including Mel C and Death In Vegas.

“It’s so easy to use,” enthuses Chris. “Everything is completely accessible on the touch sensitive screens. There are plenty of gates / compressor limiters, all available at the touch of a screen, and in several banks of 8 channels, so you are not limited to working with one channel at a time - genius!

“There are loads of channels. I managed to fit the Criminals on the first layer, and the tour support (Cantaloop from Leicester) on the second.

“In addition, the Vi6 output busses could be configured for whatever purpose I required,” Chris continues. “For mixing purposes, I was able to set the up the first eight busses as sub-groups with compressors inserted across them. The second bank of eight, I assigned as FX sends, using the internal effects. The third bank of eight was set up as matrix outputs, in order to cope with extra feeds to House PA systems/Media sends.

“The fourth bank really did get us out of a hole,” he adds. “At one show, there was absolutely no way we could fit in a monitor desk. In no time at all, I set up eight auxiliary foldback mixes, complete with 31 band equalisation inserted on each mix and mixed the monitors from FOH!”

The compact size of the console also gave it a strong advantage, both for ease of transportation and also minimising floor space at each venue. Chris explains: “The Vi6 fitted everywhere, even in small clubs. If I had taken analogue equipment along, I would have been surrounded by a huge desk and many racks. As it was, my total footprint at FOH was about six by five foot, which really pleased the promoters who wanted maximum capacity at each gig.”

It wasn’t just the size and the ease of use that made the console the superior choice. Chris is also inspired by how it sounds. “I've worked on most digital consoles. The internal effects made by Lexicon just sound great.”

He concludes, “I have found the Vi6 to be the most user friendly digital console on the market. I look forward to working with it in 2008.”


The Fun Loving Criminals
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