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10 February 2008

(Ipswich) - Gofer Ltd has bolstered its hire inventory with the small footprint/high output of a KV2 Audio ES system and simultaneously created a tale that has woven the company inextricably into the fabric of KV2 Audio legend.

No sooner had the powerful system arrived with Gofer, it was redirected in its entirety towards the 260-acre, 18th Century estate of Lydiard Park, where Britain’s brightest energy supplier, NPower – for its 500 capacity, marquee-staged, Christmas event, for the staff of its Swindon-based Headquarters – became Gofer’s first major client to benefit from the KV2 sound.

Left and right ground stacks comprising two KV2 ES 1.0 lightweight, compact, mid-high cabinets with a single KV2 ES 2.5 high-output subwoofer and two KV2 ES 1.8 reflex horn-loaded single 18-inch subwoofers – with each stack controlled and driven by two KV2 EPAK2500R Amplifier packs – were very quickly and simply optimised so that the event’s sparks could truly fly.

The Gofer production team on the night were immensely impressed with the both the ease of set up and the quality and level of sound. FOH engineer, Nat Clarkson, commented, “It was so unbelievably quick and pleasurable to sound check and levels of coverage and output were, well, just unbelievable!”

Production Manager, Nic Forsdyke’s appreciation had a more practical definition: “We saved ourselves time using the KV2 Audio system and in this game that is important. The time saved, and the lack of problems both with the load in and out, combined with the ease of use and transportation, made it a pleasure to use.”

The purchase was initiated following a random visit, made by Technical Director, Andy Austin-Brown, to Gofer Ltd’s showroom. Not one to usually entertain hawkers, Gofer MD, Dave Miller quickly realised he was going to have to put the KV2 Audio ‘fighting talk’ to the test.

24-hours after a very successful demonstration which brought about a feeling of ‘genuine amazement and disbelief’, the old system, against which the KV2 ES System had been compared, was literally taken apart and in pieces… As Doling explains, “We were convinced our old system was broken and started trying to establish the cause of the missing top end. Then of course we realised that it had never been there!”

Sales Manager, Simon Doling, explains, “We wanted a modular system to replace a previous one and the KV2 Audio ES system operates at a far higher standard than what went before. Hiring out very high quality systems reflects well on Gofer – it’s been a natural and growing progression from our core generator hire business and as a company we feel there’s nothing better than KV2 out there at the moment.”


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