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7 February 2008

Gwen Stefani toured the world on her 'The Sweet Escape' tour, a critically acclaimed eclectic show described as "part pep rally, part Broadway musical" with special acts and plenty of costume changes.

Lighting design was by Butch Allen who chose a Martin package of 68 MAC 2000 Washes™ and 13 MAC 2000 Profiles to light the show all under control of a Martin Maxxyz lighting console.

Lighting director was Jesse Blevins, who also helped with lighting programming and toured with the show. He commented on the decision to go with Martin MACs: ”Due to the size of the LED walls and our sub-grid (half of the dates were shed gigs) the lights had to be small enough to fit into some pretty tight spaces but still bright enough to compete with all of the video content.

“The 2K Wash was a nice fit. It also helps that it is dependable and easy to find worldwide as we had 2 ½ months of fly dates through Asia, Australia and Japan.”

With plenty of truss and LED in the air, options for fixture placement were pretty slim, Jesse explains. “Butch hung about half of the rig vertically on oversized wire rope ladders between each of the nine LED walls, which was a great idea,” he says. “It really spread the rig out and made a show with only 80 moving lights look much larger than it was.”

The MAC 2000 Wash and MAC 2000 Profile are Martin’s award-winning 1200 W full color mixing luminaires. Along with the MAC 2000 Performance™ they make up the MAC 2000 Series™, the most influential range of luminaires in the touring industry.

“The lights held up great, no complaints whatsoever,” Jesse concludes. “Any problems we did have were easily fixed and we had some great techs to take care of them.”

Lighting gear for the tour was supplied by PRG both in the US and Europe (account reps were Robert Roth, Robin Wain, and Curry Grant.) In Australia the gear was provided by Bytecraft.


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