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25 January 2008

(London) - Magnet Schultz, manufacturer of the highly acclaimed Electro Kabuki drop system, has won the Innovation Award at The Event Show held at Olympia on the 23rd and 24th January.

Electro Kabuki was judged to be the product to make the biggest impact on the events industry through the intelligent use of technology.

The inaugural competition was launched by The Event Show team to support innovation and to provide one winner with free access to some of the country’s most influential event organisers. The Electro Kabuki was chosen from a large number of entries competing for the accolade. As part of its prize, Magnet Shultz has been given free space in the Innovation Zone at The Event Show to launch the Electro Kabuki to visitors attending the industry’s leading exhibition for indoor and outdoor events. A 20-minute demonstration of the Electro Kabuki will take place in the Event Show’s Innovation Zone on each of the two days of the exhibition.

“Michelle Tayton, Manager of The Event Show said: “The exhibition is established as being at the cutting edge of the event industry and our visitors come to be inspired. The Electro Kabuki more than meets this criteria and we are delighted to acknowledge this by presenting Magnet Schultz with the Innovation Award.”

Developed following extensive consultation with the theatre and events industries, the Electro Kabuki has been designed to reliably release weights of up to 50kg and is suitable for applications where the requirement is to discharge or drop drapes, dummies or cables on cue as a straight drop or at any angle. Also suitable for very light loads, the Electro Kabuki is supplied off-the-shelf with all elements ready to connect and operate having been assembled and tested prior to despatch.

Accepting the award, Andrew Newton, Managing Director of Magnet Schultz Ltd said, “We are delighted that the Electro Kabuki has made such an impression on the judges. It enables the act of releasing drapes and props onto a stage, known as the Kabuki drop, to be undertaken remotely. It supersedes other methods which are unable to meet the requirements for load capacity, functionality and reliability and ensures that event organisers can be confident that the ‘reveal’ will be spectacular and delivered with perfect timing.”

Comprising of the Electro Kabuki mechanism, compact, hand held firing unit, interconnecting cables and splitter box, the load to be released is attached to the mechanism’s hook arm, is locked in place using a clever spring system and released when the ‘energise to release’ function is applied to the unit (an ‘energise to hold’ system is also available). A safety catch prevents premature load release and enables the mechanism to be tested prior to the show without releasing the load.

Using standard voltages 24v DC and 230v AC, the weatherproof Electro Kabuki is supplied with quick-fit, weatherproof ‘supply’ and ‘link’ cable connectors so that the mechanism can be daisy chained in order to drop large drapes or items. There is no longer any need for a special bracket as the new mounting incorporates threaded locations to take M12 bolts (max depth 20mm). Doughty half couplings can be used to make a quick fixing to scaffold size tubes.


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