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21 February 2008

(Whitinsville) - Renowned harpist Vincenzo Zitello, recognized as one of the finest Italian musical artists, performs his live concerts with sound reinforcement by EAW NT Series self-powered loudspeakers.

In fact, in January 2008, Zitello performed at Théâtre Max Jacob in Bretagna-France, a highly prestigious award for an Italian artist to play Breton music in its homeland. Also widely respected for his skills as a composer, Zitello's compositions have often been played in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome to accompany special worship services.

For live performances, Zitello travels with his own custom sound reinforcement system under the direction of Vittorio Sorrentino. The system is headed by up to four EAW NT26 two-way self-powered loudspeakers, joined by NTS22 self-powered subwoofers, selected following an intensive live evaluation involving numerous loudspeakers.

"The EAW NT26's are extremely high-quality loudspeakers, the only ones that can reproduce the unique sound of the harp with all the harmonics and the complete dynamic range without any coloration or distortion," explains Sorrentino. "We use two or four NT26, depending on the venue size. They are coupled with NTS22 subwoofers when Vincenzo performs with other musicians.”

The NT Series was the first EAW loudspeaker line to incorporate the company’s landmark Gunness Focusing technology, which employs sophisticated, custom DSP algorithms that correct loudspeaker anomalies. Response is so flat - and distortion so low - that even the most subtle EQ adjustments are immediately audible, while extremely high gain-before-feedback and exceptional peak output capability convey all of the power of live performance. This is furthered by digital amplifier modules that are perfectly aligned with the onboard DSP.

Zitello’s premium sound reinforcement system also includes custom microphones installed in his harps, along with several premium Neumann overhead mics and an Allen & Heath compact digital mixing console.


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