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5 February 2008

(Kungsbacka) - Codex Audio has recently taken delivery of six Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q 4 x 2500 W at 2 Ohm power amplifiers from the much-vaunted FP Series. The amplifiers were demoed and supplied by LMC Audio.

Codex Audio was already a fan of Lab.gruppen, having used and appreciated the original fP Series amplifiers for many years. When Lab.gruppen released FP , Codex’s David “Lofty” Lockhart was keen to try them out. “My first question was, ‘Can Lab.gruppen really make a better amp than the fP?’” observed Lockhart. “It’s hard to believe that Lab could do better than an fP 6400 – not only do they sound great, but in five years of using Lab.gruppen amps, I’ve never once tripped a power supply, even when I’ve had the whole rig hanging off a 13-amp plug! But, the answer has got to be a resounding YES – FP amplifiers are even better. We think FP is a real step forward in amplifier technology.”

“Sonically speaking, the audio reproduction of the FP 10000Qs is clear, detailed & powerful with a very distinct lack of distortion,” continued Lockhart. “The difference they have made to sound of my wedges and FoH boxes is nothing short of amazing.”

“From a technical point of view, I discovered some years ago the benefit of being able to load match your amplifiers with your speakers’ peak voltage capability,” he went on. “This feature has been refined on the FP Series to make one amp capable of driving any loudspeaker safely. The result is that you need even fewer amplifiers than before to achieve the same results. In fact, I can now drive a decent sized Front of House and monitor system with sixteen channels of amplifier in just one rack. The space and weight saving is huge, and thanks to the savings in trucking and crew costs, I’m making double the profits on half the turnover, and that has got to be good news!”

LMC Audio’s Paul Hinkly agrees; “We believe that Codex Audio is at the forefront of a new breed of PA company that is successfully challenging existing expectations by utilising new technologies to provide their burgeoning customer base with ever-increasing sound quality matched with operational slickness and reduced costs. Lab.gruppen should take considerable satisfaction from meeting Codex’s most stringent evaluation and on- the-road demands.”


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