Total Production


13 February 2008

(USA) - The Up Close and Personal Tour is a star-studded concert headlined by 18 year old R&B phenomenon Chris Brown. His 80 minute performance confirms why the charismatic deserves to wear the new prince of R&B crown.

Lighting designer Daunte Kenner, worked alongside Chris Brown who wanted to create a futuristic look to the show. Kenner explains: “For Chris the LED look is ‘in’ and insisted he wanted to use High End’s new Showgun to create a young trendy vibe.”

Kenner continues: “The PixelLine 1044 is the perfect complement to the LED ring on the Showgun – and its high powered output and colour-mixing capabilities could generate vibrant colour matches to Chris and his crew’s stage outfits.”

The PixelLines were attached at various points vertically to the set and lit up frosted Plexi Panels – creating a forever changing backdrop of colours. 16 PixelArc Rs spiced up the B stage: a 12’ tall stage that pitches 60° and rotates 360°.

Kenner explains: “First we made the PixelArcs attached to the circular B stage power distribution friendly. We modified them by creating our own pass through. We also had to figure out how to power at least 8 of them remotely without running a power or data cable to the stage – as the stage spins 360°!”

Kenner continues: “After a full day of research, numerous calls and lots of fast food! We discovered a 12v Optima dry-cell battery would power 8 PixelArcs for over 45 minutes! I also used another 8 PixelArcs to uplight eight CryoJets for a stunning 8’ tall blast of liquid CO2.”

The rig featured 28 PixelLine 1044s, 24 PixelArc Rs and 18 ShowGuns – controlled by an Avolites Diamond 4 and a EDXM Tube. All the lighting was supplied by Performance Lighting Inc.


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