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8 March 2008

(US) - Marilyn Manson recently brought his high-intensity show to North America. Supporting his current release, Eat Me, Drink Me, the 19-city tour took the rocker to some intimate theatres and auditoriums.

Manson toured with 16 self-powered, high-performance MJF-212A stage monitors from Meyer Sound. Monitor engineer was Bruce Danz, a long-time associate of Taylor, Mich.-based Thunder Audio, which supplied the monitors.
“The MJF-212A is really the only stage monitor that can deliver clean, intelligible sound at the levels we require,” reports Danz.
Since its release in 2007, MJF-212A has provided high-power, intelligible monitoring for the most demanding artists including Metallica, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews and Kanye West. With excellent intelligibility at high output levels and low distortion, the MJF-212A is also engineered to have exceptional low frequency headroom.
“No other monitor even comes close in terms of power and performance,” adds Danz.
Before his show dates in North America, Manson toured Europe with a system of Meyer Sound MILO® line array loudspeakers which was also provided by Thunder Audio.


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