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Orbital Sound Joins Nexo Network

21 April 2015

Nexo is delighted to announce that Orbital Sound is to become the UK’s full-service Main Dealer and Approved Rental Partner for Nexo sound reinforcement technology, carrying in-demand systems such as STM Series and GEO M6 in its hire stock.

The appointment of Orbital as the UK’s Main Dealer, offering sales, installation, rental and service, is a key stage in Nexo’s on-going process of restructuring and refining its sales channels in the UK, to reflect the changing landscape of this influential market. “The addition of a company like Orbital with its heavyweight status has allowed us to rebalance the Nexo network and consolidate our pricing, all to the advantage of the customer,” said Gareth Collyer, Nexo’s UK Sales Manager.

Established in 1993, Orbital has grown to become a major supplier of sound and communication systems and design solutions for the theatre, live event, conference, exhibition, visitor attraction, film and television industries. With operations serving the North American, European and Far Eastern markets, the company provides professional audio solutions for sale or rental, coupled with outstanding levels of technical support.

With an international reputation in theatrical circles, Orbital is expected to play a vital role in bringing Nexo’s latest system designs to high-profile entertainment and events, both through sales and rental.

The new compact modular designs were a major factor in Orbital’s decision to present Nexo as its principal loudspeaker brand. “GEO M6 is a high-quality all-purpose AV and musical theatre system which can be used in a wide variety of situations,” said Andy Simmons, Orbital’s Director of Sales. “The M6 packaging has been thought out really well and, for both our installation and rental teams, this will be a workhorse product, as will the STM M28, which really impressed all of us when we heard it in demonstration.  

The Orbital team is used to hearing certain systems sound a certain way: M28 improves on what they know and love, and takes it in a new direction. STM Series as a whole is a very interesting system, and we are all excited to be involved with it.

“We found great synergy with the engineers at Nexo, they’re receptive to ideas and input from their users, and they’re sensitive to the needs of the market.  It was vital from Orbital’s point-of-view that we could be involved in product development for the future.”

“The addition of Orbital to the Nexo team is of very high value,” commented Collyer on behalf of the French manufacturer. “It’s been several years since we had a substantial rental partner in the UK; Orbital has the connections to bring Nexo to a new generation of sound designers, engineers and customers, and we’re looking forward to the kind of long-term loyal partnership on which both our companies thrive.”


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