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Alcons Celebrates Successful Prolight+Sound

24 April 2015

Alcons Audio is celebrating its most successful Prolight+Sound ever, with two new pro-ribbon line-array systems, the LR28 and LR16.2, taking centre stage.

“This was our most successful Prolight+Sound to date,” explained Alcons co-founder Tom Back. “The LR28 created an incredible buzz. During the show, Norwegian rental company Trondheim Lyd was happy to announce the purchase of the first system in the world - a complete package of 32 LR28s, plus BC543 triple 18” cardioid subs and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.”

The LR28 larger-format line-array marks an important advance for the company within the concert touring and large-scale installation market. Based on LR24 line-array, which was presented at last year’s show, the LR28 offers a substantial increase in HF and LF output over its predecessor, the LR24, the system we spent the past five years working with and out of which the LR28 has evolved.

Loaded with the proprietary RBN1404rsr 14” pro-ribbon driver, quad 6.5” and double customised 14” woofers, the LR28 offers more clarity, imaging and throw with up-to-90% less distortion than any other high performance system.  

The LR16.2 was Alcons’ second new line-array at Prolight+Sound. It is a smaller format system, in the ‘sub-compact’ range, fitting between the large format LR28 and LR14 ultra-compact line arrays.

The LR16.2 introduces a symmetrical acoustical layout, with bi-amped three-way component configuration that features a flat frequency response to beyond 20kHz and patented 90° by 10° dispersion from the purpose-built RBN602rs 6” pro-ribbon driver and 8” woofers, combining extreme-output with extended throw and reference HiFi sound quality.

The new Alcons pro-ribbon line-arrays set new benchmarks for throw, projection control and non-distorted linear sound response in their respective categories.

The long awaited remote control for the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers was another well-received addition to Alcons’ Frankfurt presence. ALControl is the Alcons-proprietary ALC control software protocol, to control and monitor multiples of Sentinels; Grouping, overlay control of equalising, delay, as well as real-time monitoring, auto-discovery a.o. ALControl can be run from both Mac and PC platforms. 

Each year on the Thursday evening of the show, the annual Alcons dinner takes place at an off-site location.

“We set up various Alcons systems at the venue, so our guests can play around with them,” concludes Tom. “On a personal note, I always feel proud when our Pro-Ribbon Partners from around the world gather and meet, exchanging experiences from their crusade to spread the pro-ribbon evangelism.

"It’s very special to have these guests from literally around the world, with one common and binding element: Alcons Audio. Although communication is sometimes difficult between languages, the music becomes the common language when the Alcons systems are switched-on.”   


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