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PR Lighting Partners XR130 Spot With New XR130 Beam

11 May 2015

PR Lighting has now added a Beam fixture to its XR130 range of discharge effects.

Housing an Osram Sirius HRI 132W (8800K, 6000hrs) this fully featured luminaire delivers a beam angle of 0°- 3°. In terms of optics it features a colour wheel (14 colour filters plus white), a rotating gobo wheel (eight rotating gobos and four fixed gobos), an eight-facet prism (bi-directional rotation), frost filter and CTO (plus white).

Focus is 0-100%, linearly adjustable by DMX and double dimmer shutter blade strobe (0.3-25fps, with macro). Pan is 720° or endless rotation and tilt is 270° with auto position correction.

Made from composite plastic (IP20-rated) the fixture weighs just 13.2kg.

As for the XR 130 Spot, this is also powered by an Osram Sirius HRI 132W (8800K, 6000hrs) lamp. 

The full set of dynamic effects includes a colour wheel (with 13 colours and CTO (plus open), a rotating gobo wheel with 12 rotating gobos (plus open), a separate frost filter 3-facet prism and iris (5%-100% adjustable, with Macro). The XR 130 Spot comes with standard 6.5° lens but is also supplied with two additional 10° and 15° beam angle lens.

Other features include strobe shutter / dimmer (with double shutter blades) operating between 0.3-25fps, pan of 540° and tilt of 270°, with auto position correction. It is also RDM supported.


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