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Aurora Take To The Stage With The John Bishop Show

June 2015

Aurora Lighting Hire are live from the Hackney Empire with lighting designer Oli Richards for new BBC prime time entertainment.

The stage at the iconic former music hall returns to its roots in variety for Saturday evenings with comedian John Bishop. Along with the host’s views and observations on the ways of the world, the show features weekly performances by comedians and musical guests from around the world - all hand picked by John himself.

Aurora loaded in a healthy selection of automated heads with Gaffer Mark Gardiner to compliment the work of set designer Cath Pater-Lancucki who employed LED Creative to provide the LED Set Ribbon on the show’s impressive tower block set. LD  Oli Richards also added Clay Paky Sharpies creating the show’s dynamic search light look.

Viper profiles take care of proceedings on stage, with Aurora’s new Robert Juliat ‘Alex’ Followspots picking out the performers. Elsewhere, Martin Auras have been deployed to wash both the stage and the audience, with additional visual effect being added by Martin Rush Par 2’s mounted at the rear of the auditorium.

Keeping Aurora in control of both the set pieces and the on stage action, Pryderi Baskerville used a Hog 4 Full Boar console running DP8000 Processor.

Commenting on the project, Aurora Managing Director Nick Edwards said “The team have used lighting to full effect to create a stunning juxtaposition between a contemporary lighting installation and the interior of such this classic, traditional venue”

The John Bishop Shows airs on Saturday evenings BBC1 at 21.45.


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