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d3 Technologies Names Stello Productions As Its Reseller In France

June 2015

d3 Technologies has named Paris-based Stello Productions as its first reseller for France. Stello will look after new d3 customers in France with d3 Technologies’ London head office continuing to support existing customers.

Stello steps into the reseller post as a hands-on proponent of d3 media servers. When the AV and event agency found itself challenged by increased requests from clients for LED and video mapping, Stello looked for a powerful and flexible solution to meet its needs.

“We started to compare systems and chose d3,” said owner Stan Walbert. “We’ve been using d3 on shows since the beginning of the year, and it does everything we ask it to. In fact, we’ve been so pleased with d3 that we’re delighted to advocate for the system as its reseller in France.” 

Walbert cites a number of features, which he believes will excite prospective d3 customers. “The interface is focused on the virtual show and the timeline, and working with the timeline opens new doors,” he said. “Every protocol is there for communicating between systems: DMX, OSC, MIDI. The QuickCal feature for fast projector set up and calibration is great, and Dynamic Soft Edge significantly reduces the time required for edge blending. I’ve never seen these attributes in any other system.”

Stello will make sure that leading AV companies across France recognise the advantages of the d3 media server – something he plans to do with hands-on, experiential learning. “The technical companies I’ve worked with need to see d3 in action to understand its benefits, especially how users gain time in production and execution,” he said.

He’s confident that Stello is taking on a product that will generate lots of interest in the French market. “d3 is a small and responsive team,” said Walbert. “They believe in their product and plan a lot of good features for the future. We believe in d3, too - it’s a great product to bet on!”


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