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Video takes that wind of change and goes out into the Parks

June 2015

As a wave of consolidation passes through the video sector of the concert industry a new contender has emerged and already laid down a serious challenge to the establishment.

Currently engaged on the Take That tour, Video Design founded by industry veteran Alex Leinster is already contracted for the Heaton Park ‘Parklife’ festival in Manchester and the series of concerts that fills the summer months in Hyde Park, London. A ringing endorsement if ever one was needed, why has Video Design made such an emphatic beginning?

“I think Alex is set to become the Dave Ridgeway of video,” said Video Director Richard Shipman. “What I mean is video in the touring market is such a creative discipline that independence of operation is valued by the industry at large. Quite simply it makes for a more responsive organisation. In that sense the timing of his forming Video Design is impeccable. For me it’s about consistency, Video Design has invested in the right kit, and that’s no small sum, and Alex has been careful to bring the right people along with him.”

Leinster laid out the fundamentals of Video Design’s operation. “We have already been investing in new camera gear, all Sony HD, and new PPU’s built to our own specification with the latest Karrera K-Frame switchers from Grass Valley, Kaleido Miranda multi-viewers and d3 video servers. It’s been nice to re-package to 2015 standards, Take That for example always demands systems that go in fast and easy; no small consideration when we are providing 220 square metres of 9mm LED. Speed is a given when working on Chris Vaughan’s productions, and we know such packaging pays dividends downstream for all our clients as it makes us faster and more efficient at an operational level.” Video Design has already moved into a seven thousand square foot facility at Wilstead Industrial Park, Bedfordshire and are about to double that space. “These are an ideal premises for us and our clients; close to Junction 13 of the M1, the building has an industrial rather than warehouse type roof and we can suspend over 100sq/m of LED for pre-tour testing.”

“We will provide video packages for all the Hyde Park concerts this summer, starting the weekend of 15th June. That includes the huge full stage and wings LED system as has been the standard for the last couple of years. We also provide screens and cameras for Heaton Park in Manchester for Parklife the w/e of 5/6th of June. That’s all LED onstage and in the ten sub-venues around the park, plus side screens for main stage and we have already lined up special packages for headline acts. Incidentally, Richard Shipman will direct the output at Hyde Park. It’s a great start to our first year and we thank all our industry friends and colleagues who have demonstrated their confidence in Video Design and in our ability to deliver a quality service supported by technical crews who I consider to be the best in Europe.”


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