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Chinese Singer Tan Weiwei Kicks Off Tour In Beijing With EAW Adaptive System

July 2015

Popular singer Tan Weiwei recently kicked off her tour at Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium with the help of a sound reinforcement system made up of EAW Anya modules and Otto subwoofers.

EAW’s Chinese distributor EZpro provided the main PA made up of 24 Anya modules and 24 Otto subwoofers along with two KF394 point source loudspeakers for front fill support. 

MaxTeam, one of the largest pop music performance agencies in China, was responsible for sound production for the tour. The company planned and provided touring services for many Asian super stars including Sun Nan, Wang Feng, Xu Wei, Jay Chou and EXO. 

Beijing Workers' Gymnasium is an indoor arena located west of the Workers Stadium in Beijing, China. Inaugurated in 1961 for the 26th World Table Tennis Championships, the venue presents an acoustical challenge for live sound applications. Not only does the structure have limited loadbearing capabilities, but also the loudspeaker location is in very close proximity to the LED screen and near field audience. As a result, it was important to keep the sound reinforcement system as compact as possible to avoid weight and visibility complications while still providing coverage throughout the venue.

After modeling the gymnasium in EAW’s Resolution software, it was determined that left-right arrays consisting of two columns of Anya modules would provide the majority of the coverage. Each array was made up of a column of eight Anyas to cover the main audience area with another column of four for outfill. Powerful bass support is delivered by 24 Otto subwoofers ground stacked in two groups of 12 below the Anya arrays. “We have used many loudspeaker brands in Beijiing Workers’ Gymnasium before with most not meeting the SPL requirements in the upper audience area,” explained MaxTeam FOH engineer Minjohn Lin. “It is common to hang arrays made up of 18 enclosures each - 36 total - as well as subwoofers. Initially we asked EZPro to provide 36 Anya modules but after we checked the acoustic modeling in Resolution we knew that 24 would be more than sufficient.”

Once the parameters were input into EAW’s Resolution 2 software, the Anya arrays produced a highly customised three dimensional wavefront that delivered high resolution, phase coherent, full-range response across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. In this case, the coverage area was the audience seating area while avoiding unwanted reflections from the domed ceiling and walls. 

“It is such a large venue yet it only took two arrays of 12 modules to achieve a uniform high SPL coverage - that’s incredible,” added Sound System Designer Wei. “The compact Anya array not only solved the weight problems but the load in and set up time was extremely efficient.”  

Minjohn Lin concluded: “Anya line arrays flown at 8.7 metres achieved consistent coverage at the front, central and rear audience areas. Everyone was incredibly impressed with the fantastic sound quality and coverage.”


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