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Enttec Americas Hires Crystal M. Lee

July 2015

Enttec Americas of Hillsborough, NC, a supplier of LED solutions, including luminaires, lighting control, and specialty products, announces the appointment of Crystal M. Lee in the position of Business Development Manager.

In her new capacity within the firm, Lee will be responsible for larger-scale, solution-oriented products; will assist with inside sales/support duties; and will put her personal signature on the firm’s social media interactions. Lee will also be a regular presence as an integral part of the 'Pixel Punk Revolution' at the Enttec booth at industry trade shows throughout the year. 

Lee brings to Enttec Americas a wide variety of experience; recently, she has participated in the FAIR (Fellowships, Assistantships, Internships, and Residencies) program at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she assisted in both projection and lighting design. Previous to that, she served as production manager at Crystal Cruises, a luxury cruise line headquartered in Los Angeles. Lee also has a theatrical background and has been the lighting designer for a number of regional productions. She has a MFA in Lighting Design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Jeremy Kumin, General Manager of Enttec Americas, noted, “Crystal first came to our attention at a show where she won a guerrilla marketing contest I was running. Later, she used the product she received as a prize to assist a customer with a unique project that made it into the Enttec newsletter. After that, we brought her with us to as many trade shows as her freelance schedule permitted. This is a wonderful new chapter for our collaboration, and we look forward to seeing where it can lead.” 

As for the future, Lee strives to make a lasting contribution at Enttec. She said, “One of my goals is to increase the knowledge of the Enttec brand to a wider customer base, as well as to get the long time loyal customers accustomed to the fact that we now make many more products! Ten years ago Enttec made a revolutionary product, but many people don't know that our catalog now includes over 100 quality items. As a firm, we’re solving problems which have been a thorn in the side of many designers, but they don't know to look at us – Enttec is filling a gap that not many others are and that is to be celebrated so I'm here to hold up the megaphone and spread the word as well as to reach out to some new and bigger markets and offer solutions for their projects.”


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