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Nexo Goes Down The Rabbit Hole At Glastonbury Festival

July 2015

STM modular line array could be found on one of Glastonbury’s legendary venues.

The Rabbit Hole is a festival highlight; theatrical, interactive, artistic, and super-exclusive. The Alice-in-Wonderland themed live venue attracts top-end DJs and artists such as Mark Ronson to perform in the 600-capacity tented space. This year, the dancefloor system was comprised of Nexo STM modular line array loudspeakers, featuring the new M28 cabinets.

Posh, the Production Manager for The Rabbit Hole, explains that “our music is primarily house-based dance, and we have live bands with DJs in between, so the sound system is integral to the success of the venue. Nexo's STM set-up looks as though it’s not going to do that much but, when you turn it on, it does an awful lot!”

Set up as a quad system, STM modules were groundstacked in the corners of the venue. Each stack comprised one STM S118 subbass, one B112 bass, and two M28 main modules, supplied by rental company Sound of Music, and directed by sound supervisor Hugh Sadleir. System tech Giorgio Labbate praised STM, “it has a very small footprint, which is great for a small tightly-packed venue like The Rabbit Hole, and it’s very efficient – you get a lot of power out of those small boxes.”

The Rabbit Hole’s quirky presentation, highly theatrical with actors, sets, and props creating ‘multi-worlds’, attracts big names to its decks. “We’ve worked with Nexo many times,” said Posh, “although this is the first time with STM. We’re lucky enough to get some of the best underground DJs, who want to come and play for us. This is an opportunity for them to play through a premier system, and for the audience to hear that quality. Frankly, it would be embarrassing to use anything less! And they have loved it!”

With stellar guest spots from Mark Ronson and Dermot O’Leary, the highlights of the Rabbit Hole included Damian Lazerious, Jamie Jones, Heidi from Radio One, Richy Ahmed, Craig Richards, Jackmaster, and Eats Everything.


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