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Perfect Storm, perfecting weather warnings for the entertainment industry

July 2015

A new service aiming to provide the ultimate tool predict hazardous weather conditions that may effect live events. The service is specifically designed for venue owners, transport services and live event organisers.

The team behind this new service are experienced Production Manager, Rich Barr along with renowned Meteorologist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Mike Chapman. Barr explained that, “The responsibility of protecting audiences, crew and gear falls to the production and promoters. Keeping everyone safe has to be a priority. Unfortunately, there is very little support in place to help large, outdoor events do this efficiently.”

 Designed to educate, advise, and implement weather safety procedures for any live-event, their innovative team is dedicated to changing the way the entertainment industry approaches weather. Unlike other generic weather services, such as local forecasts, airport reports, or phone apps, Perfect Storm offers a direct approach to the needs of each client. With radar coverage around the world, a tactical weather strategy is created for accurate, down to the minute weather warnings. Providing summarised user-friendly details every 12 hours, events can customise what they need.

 Along with two daily forecasts, the team works together with clients to optimise productivity during the most challenging conditions. With mobile weather stations the service is perfect for venue sites, transportation as well as live events. Coordinating with drivers, for example, allows trucks and buses to avoid large patches of dangerous conditions, such as possible tornados, blizzards, or hurricanes. Sometimes, detouring only a few miles around the heart of a storm can insure a smoother, safer ride for all, and ultimately lower insurance rates for the show overall.

 Since its launch in the summer of 2014, Perfect Storm has had the opportunity to work with Drake, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, One Direction’s Where We AreTour and the Beyonce and JayZ’s joint tour On the Run. Invested in their client’s success, each situation is addressed with fresh eyes in order to address each individual need.


Perfect Storm is not just suitable for touring shows and large events, though, but also for venues, specific locations and even full cities around the world. “It is becoming mandatory for show managers to have weather emergency strategies,” states Barr. “So much is at stake. Not only the gear and performance are at risk, but the safety of every individual working or attending the event. Perfect Storm is able to make this as easy and effective as possible. It’s an important duty that should not be overlooked.”


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