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Serious Stages A Big Success With The Other Stage At Glastonbury Festival

July 2015

Serious Stages designed, manufactured and installed the new ‘Other Stage’ at Glastonbury Festival, 25 – 28 June, 2015.

Glastonbury Festival artists have been appearing on Serious Stages for four decades at the world’s most famous festival. But their focus is on the future, as Serious Stages managing director Steven Corfield stated:

“The ever-increasing production expectations of bands combined with Michael and Emily’s desire to give audiences the best experience led to discussions about creating a new Other Stage better suited to Glastonbury. Those conversations went through our CAD designers and engineers, on to keeping our fabrication facility this spring manufacturing the new flat roof system. Then our on-site team under project management of Simon Fursman have done a phenomenal job constructing this new stage for the first time at Glastonbury.”

The new look Other Stage presented an impressive viewing experience for the audience. With a total height of 20 metres and an overall width of 43 metres along with the addition of the installation on the front facade by artist Joe Rush, it made for a stunning design.

From the band and production teams’ perspectives, the 777 sq metre main deck, with a 190 sq metre rear shed combine to deliver phenomenal performance and working areas. There are fully enclosed wings and dual ramps upstage left and right giving extensive loading facilities. The five tonne capacity per cross stage truss, plus three tonne capacity on the cantilever mean that the roof can take 35-40 tonne weight loading.

Given the on-going relationship between Glastonbury Festival and Serious Stages, the company was confident to invest substantially to produce the new system, which will be a great stage at the festival in future years.

For Glastonbury 2015 Serious Stages once again provided almost 60 structures, including the four main stages, the Temple and the Ribbon Tower, plus multiple indoor stages, media platforms, television camera towers, PA towers and structural supports for video screens and viewing platforms across the 900 acre site.


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