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Late Night Concepts develops efficient logistics solution for events

July 2015

The German events service provider Late Night Concepts of Werne has demonstrated its logistical expertise with the new cargo cart systems; the Cargo Cart 1.0 and the Cargo Cart 2.0.

After spending years honing the details of their patented system, Managing Director Ingo Kaiser and his team have finally brought it to the market to meet the diverse transport logistics requirements of the events equipment and events construction sectors.

The secret of the new system lies in its modular structure and the enormous flexibility that ensues. Thanks to this modularity, it offers numerous packing options for the very wide variety of parts encountered in the events equipment and events construction sectors and can be tailored to the exact requirements of each application, as it is possible to combine and expand the various components with complete freedom. Moreover, the carts have a uniform pack size, so that, for example, when loading a transporter, the systems can be inserted in any order. 

Simpler handling, less staff needed to do the job (and in less time), and a reduction in the physical stress involved in the loading and unloading processes are further advantages of the innovative system. 

Cargo carts come in two varieties that complement one another. Cargo Cart 1.0 combines many and varied possibilities for the secure storage of small parts such as electrical equipment, cables and clamps in a single transport system. Cargo Cart 2.0 comes into its own whenever the products to be packed are unsuitable on account of their size for Cargo Cart 1.0. With this model, multiple carts can be daisy-chained to provide for an almost limitless variety of situations. With the development of this innovative logistics solution, Late Night Concepts has found a new niche in the market, which is why it will henceforth be offering them for sale.

All modules can be combined freely to cater to any number of transportation needs, however demanding. Late Night Concepts is offering additional information on this novel logistical solution on its newly designed


The individual Cargo Cart modules at a glance

Cargo Cart 1.0: 

- 120 cm x 145 cm x 80 cm W/H/D

- 2- / 4-core cable brackets

- slot-in boxes, freely divisible

- cover plates, front/rear

- cover plates, table format

- shelf units

- 19" racks of various heights

- custom-made units for individual requirements


Cargo Cart 2.0: 

- 120 cm x 145 cm x 80 cm W/H/D

- 1/4 size modular boxes, stackable


- 1/2 size modular boxes, stackable


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