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Harman Martin Professional’s JEM ZR Series of fog machines are now shipping

July 2015

JEM ZR is a family of powerful fog machines designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications.

Equipped with 1.15 - 2kW heat exchangers, they deliver large amounts of fog and excessive peak output, ideal for venues of all sizes in both install and rental markets. 

The JEM ZRs feature variable output control for more subtle effects and are fully up to date with digital remote, DMX and RDM. The entire JEM ZR range is compatible with a wide range of JEM Pro fog fluids. As machines designed and built to last, the JEM ZRs will continue to perform with great output and low consumption.

“After successful completion of the development work by the R&D team, Operations are now preparing to ramp up production to accommodate the highly anticipated demand for this exciting new ZR range,” said Jason Andrews, Senior Manager of Manufacturing at Martin Professional. “Utilising thirty years of JEM heritage and tacit knowledge, we look forward to providing the market with these superior quality, feature-packed fog machines.”

The JEM ZR 25 and JEM ZR 35 are shipping in early September in the U.S. and available elsewhere immediately.


For more information on the JEM ZR 25, please visit: 

For more information on the JEM ZR 35, please visit:


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