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Maroon 5 enjoys big, warm sound with PreSonus ADL Preamps

July 2015

Los Angeles-based veteran Front of House and Studio Engineer Jim Ebdon (Aerosmith, Annie Lennox, Matchbox Twenty,) chose the PreSonus ADL 600 two-channel tube preamp and ADL 700 tube channel strip for Maroon 5’s year-long 2015 world tour.

Talking through why he choose the PreSonus ADL series he said, “My friend Andy Meyer suggested I try them out. He had been getting great results. That’s how it works in this business, word of mouth. So I tried the ADL 700 on Adam Levine’s vocals, and it worked very well, bringing his voice out of the digital domain with power and intelligibility. I like the ADL 700’s semi-parametric EQ for taking out a consistent tone inherent in the microphone; I usually don’t touch the EQ after the initial setup of the unit. And the ADL 700’s compressor has that tube tone that is so endearing to live sound. It’s warm, smooth, and fast.”

The ADL 600 has long been popular for live and studio sound. Ebdon comment that: “The ADL 600 was a beast right from the start. I inserted it across my mix bus, and wow! The power it added to the mix was impressive. As with the 700, the tube preamp brought the sound out of the digital domain and gave the mix another dimension. The harder I ran it the better it sounded.

“I then mixed it up a bit and put the ADL 600 on Adam’s vocal. I reset my original vocal chain and put one side of the ADL 600 on at the end, strapped across the master bus. Again, the vocal popped and became bigger. I tried the main guitar through the ADL 700 with phenomenal results. I got the biggest guitar sound imaginable, and it was warm, smooth, and clear.”

Ebdon was quickly convinced. “The ADLs are extremely versatile, powerful tools, very user-friendly, and they sound great. They’re fantastic outboard gear, definitely ones to have.”

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