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Robe BMFL Spots Funk Up Paolo Nutini

August 2015

Paolo Nutini’s recent show at Millennium Square in Leeds was accentuated by a lighting rig of Robe BMFLs, Pointes and LEDWash 600s with Lighting Designer Jason Hyne’s touring specials package brought in underneath.


The Robe gear was supplied by locally-based Zig Zag Lighting for event promoter Futuresound Events.


The venue only has limited weight loading, and Nutini’s production with its strong video elements required the accommodation of their large touring LED screen, making the weight left for lighting fixtures “tight”.


The 25 BMFL Spots, 15 Pointes and 13 LEDWash 600s, plus binders and strobes, were rigged on four lighting trusses sub-hung from the roof – all within the limits - to give Hyne his full rig spec. Zig Zag also flew the LED screen from a semi-box of Supertruss, all of this together required 24 points of rigging.


It was the first time that Hyne has used BMFL Spots, and he was extremely happy with the results. “They are very bright and the optics are excellent, it’s another great and very flexible fixture,” he said.


Talking generally about Robe, Hyne stated that the brand has moved forward “leaps-and-bounds” in recent years, and really put some “serious” research and development into optics and ensuring the units are fast.


He added that he particularly enjoyed working with Neil Hunt and the Zig Zag crew of Tom Clifford-Loynes, Damian Courage, Tom Rawlinson, Jon Morris and Gareth Lonsdale. 


From a rental company perspective, Hunt was among the first UK companies to purchase BMFL Spots after their launch in Autumn 2014. He added: “I bought the BMFL Spots because I was confident that they were a fixture of the future as well as a unit product that could satisfy and even surpass whatever might be on a rider.” 


Hyne used his own ChamSys Maxi Wing compact console to run the show.


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