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Entec Lights Portishead summer shows

August 2015

West London-based rental company Entec has continued its partnership with Portishead, supplying floor specials, control and WYSIWYG package to the band’s three latest high profile shows at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Benicassim in Spain and Latitude festival in the UK along with a surprise bijou show at Cardiff University.


These events cement a working relationship initiated through the band’s previous Lighting Designer (LD) Tony Austin, who also originally asked current LD Niall Hannell to come on-board as a programmer in April 2008. Hannell took over as LD in 2014.


The Portishead summer rig was designed around the cinematographic work of video director John Minton, and the lighting setup had to handle the concept’s dark, stark aesthetic, whilse remaining as simple and practical as possible. Many of the specific video treatments were produced using feedback and luma key effects. 


Six washes and six spot luminaires on the deck formed the core of the touring lighting rig, with the first choice being Martin Professional MAC Vipers and Robe LEDWash 600s- all easily integratable into the overhead lighting packages provided by the venue, for which 16 spot and 16 wash moving lights were requested. 


Entec further provided 12 650 Watt fresnels and a miscellany of grip accessories, magic arms, stands and clamps that could be assembled around the band’s backline, fitting in virtually anywhere. These provided excellent key lighting for the various cameras, so whatever the angle, there was a good image onscreen.


There was a large upstage LED screen and Minton utilised 10 cameras in his mix, a combination of fully operated, robo-cams and mini-cams, all fed into two big black boxes.


There was also added scenic elements like mirrors attached to speakers and band equipment dotted around, all bringing the stage action alive onscreen.


Hannell toured a grandMA2 light console for control with a Wing for backup, also supplied by Entec. The handy size of the Wing meant he could use it for focusing onstage at the festivals.


Entec Project Manager Noreen O’Riordan said: “It really is a pleasure to work with all involved in Portishead including Production Manager Mick Brown. They are a tightknit team of creative professionals who have a lot of fun along the way, and we look forward to working with them all again soon”.




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