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STM line arrays do Justice to the World DJ Festival

August 2015

Korea’s World DJ Festival has made use of NEXO’s STM Series modular line array systems. The annual EDM festival is held in the Song-Am sports complex stadium in Chuncheon City, and this year was headlined by French DJ Justice.


Now one of the biggest outdoor events in Asia, the festival lasts two days, running until 4am with a capacity of 90,000 fans.  The event was previously held in Yang-Pyeong, but moved to Song-Am stadium in the famous nature and leisure resort of Gangwon province for the first time.


Rental company Way Audio is the regular audio service provider for the festival, and once again chose to deploy a large NEXO STM Series PA, using main arrays of 18 STM M46 mains and 18 STM B112 bass cabinets per side, together with 16 S118 subbass flown behind each main array.


Stage monitoring was delivered by STM groundstacks, each comprising a S118 sub with 3 STM M28 cabinets on top. Frontfill was provided by 14 NEXO PS15 cabinets and a DiGiCo SD10 could be found at front-of-house.


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