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Doughty Engineering invests in state of the art machinery meeting demand for Modular Rigging range

August 2015

A state of the art welding machine is set to help Doughty Engineering keep up with increasing customer demand for its Modular Rigging System. Since the launch of the product range at the end of 2014, welders on the shop floor have been pushed to capacity to ensure orders are manufactured and shipped to schedule.

Mark Chorley said: "Little did we know when we launched the Modular Rigging System last Autumn, just how popular it was going to be. We thought  orders may decrease as time went by but on the contrary our workers have never been busier as word spreads and lighting designers realise just how innovative these drop arms and h frames allow them to be."

The TIG welding lathe is used to TIG Weld 'round components' made from aluminium. At Doughty specifically, the machine welds all items within the Modular Rigging range as well as the company's boom arms. Eliminating the need for a skilled operator, the machine welds consistently and at a speed that cannot be matched by a manual welder.

Mark explained: "This new machine is a welcome addition in the Doughty factory and without  doubt will help us maintain our reputation as a company that delivers on schedule. The quality of the weld that can be achieved by the new machine is impressive, giving a smooth and even finish that is impossible to produce with a manual weld which we hope will be noticeable to our customers."


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