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Litec’s new roof helps bring more fun to summer

August 2015

Litec’s 21 x 16 metre roof system with loading capacity up to 18 tons, named Black Box, was used at two popular summer festivals in Italy this summer; the Brianza Rock Festival and Pistoia Blues Festival. 

The fifth annual Brianza Rock Festival was held at the world famous Monza racetrack near Milan, Italy from 12 to the 14 June.  It featured secondary school rock bands during the day followed by more well-known Italian artists in the evening. There was also a special area with exhibits from local painters, sculptures and writers. The 36th annual Pistoia Blues Festival in Italy’s Tuscany region is an almost one month long event that runs from the 1 to the 24 July. Bands playing at this massive musical cornucopia include Santana, Sting, Dream Theatre and Passenger. 

The special Black Box roof gets its name from the matt black painted RL105A truss used in its construction and was provided to the Italian company Electra Service that created concept Black Box and designed it. Litec’s RL105 series truss features uniquely designed steel fork connections that safely handle the highest load and stress levels while providing extreme wear resistance. They are especially effective at supporting heavy loads on larger spans.


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