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PonderRosa Studios Upgrades To SSL XL Desk

August 2015

Located one hour outside of New York and boasting magnificent countryside views, PonderRosa Studios has upgraded its control room with the addition of an Solid State Logic (SSL) XL Desk.


The studio serves a wide variety of clients across a diverse range of musical genres from folk, country, and reggae to Armenian opera and metal. 


Studio Manager, Producer and Engineer Tom Askin cut his first record in this same room in the mid-1990s before it was PonderRosa Studios. The space lay unoccupied for several years until Askin had the opportunity to make it his new home. 


"The original facility was purpose-built as a recording studio. It ran successfully for roughly 18 years and then the space lay dormant for a few years, waiting for resurrection. All that remains from the old studio are the pine walls, top to bottom, the remainder of the facility has been completely redone,” he said.


Asking continued: “While we were gearing up toward getting an analogue console we were working ‘in-the-box’. That’s why we arranged the control room desk the way we did, with a variety of outboard mic preamps as the front end, and then we were mixing in-the-box at the back  end. 


“We found immediately how great using the XL Desk  for tracking is: the built-in mic preamps on channels one through eight are remarkable: especially for a lot of the work that we’re doing for rock and jazz.” 


He continued: “We’ve got a wide pallet to choose from, depending upon the genre of music that’s coming through. Even if it’s one of our engineers who specialises in speed metal, we found we’re using the XL Desk preamps. I was thrilled to see that and to hear the outcome as well.”


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