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TSL Lighting Chooses Ambersphere MagicBlade

August 2015

TSL Lighting has become the latest lighting company to approach Ambersphere Solutions to purchase a number of Ayrton MagicBlade-Rs.


TSL Director, Martin Locket, said: “Although our market is quite diverse, we see the MagicBlades as initially being particularly attractive to our concert touring and a lot of the younger lighting designers. That said, as soon as we took delivery of the fixtures, they went out on three back-to-back rentals: Firstly, a European tour by a band called Crystal Fighters, specified by LD Michael Straun.  


“This was followed directly by a Corporate Launch Event in London for Microsoft for their Windows-10 launch, with LD Liam Griffiths.  Then they were shipped directly to the third consecutive project, a Christian Festival called Newday.  So we are pretty confident they will attract interest across our whole client base.”


Based at Gatwick airport, TSL are rapidly expanding and view the MagicBlades as the perfect fixture to add to their current rental stock. Locket explained: “Our LD clients were keen to add the MagicBlades to their designs; the continuous pan and tilt having been the most eye-catching feature and the one most discussed by them.


"Our purchases are always driven by the requests of the LDs who we work with and so far they have been used by designers Luke Edwards, Liam Griffiths and Michael Straun.  For us, utilisation is key to any investment that we choose to make and we anticipate high utilisation on this product line.”


TSL Lighting has made an initial investment with Ambersphere Solutions for the Ayrton MagicBlade-Rs but plan to purchase further units later in the year.  


“We feel very well supported by Ambersphere Solutions at all levels, from a senior management relationship, through to sales and ultimately technical support with the industry-renowned Doug Kelly,” concluded Locket. 


“I feel sure we will be back at Ambersphere’s door for more MagicBlades.  As a special effect ‘wow’ factor they are exactly what we’ve been looking for.”


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