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COLORados Shine Through On AC/DC Tour

September 2015

Everything about the AC/DC Rock or Bust Tour 2015 is big with a capital B, from the mega arenas across Europe and North America where the band played, to the incredibly beefy lighting design.


The Woodroffe Bassett Design rig called on a plethora of high-output discharge lamp moving fixtures, including COLORado Batten 144 Tours from Chauvet Professional.  


A total of 12 of the RGBWA LED linear fixtures were used in the rig for the iconic rock band’s world tour, positioned in various spots throughout the power-packed stage to provide richly coloured eye candy. Even with all the brawny beef in the lighting rig, the COLORado fixture came shining through, adding an extra visual element to the big and brilliant lighting design.


In a statement regarding the AC/DC rig, Woodroffe Bassett Design noted: “The COLORados were used to uplight the AC/DC amp line and were buried in the custom stage used by the band during their tour. They were chosen because they were small and discrete, but still were able to punch through the ambient lighting.”


For the design team at Chauvet Professional, who developed the COLORado Batten 144 Tour to colorise any stage regardless of ambient brightness, this report was music to the ears.


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