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More Than 70 PR Lighting Heads Support Beth Hart

September 2015

More than 70 high power discharge and LED fixtures from PR Lighting were on duty when Beth Hart’s Better Than Home European tour arrived in Bucharest.


The Los Angeles-based singer songwriter appeared at the Palace Hall before an audience of 3,000 and performing under a lighting rig dominated by PR Lighting pieces. 


These were provided to lighting designer Cristian Simon by Romanian distributors Temple Media as part of an impressive concert-spec sound and lighting package.


Simon, who has worked with PR Lighting fixtures at many high profile performances in the past, chose 20 fully featured XR 200 Beams, with the 189W Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp, 10 XLED 1061, housing an incredible 61 4-in-1 bright linear colour mix LEDs, 20 high output XR 230 Spots, with their variable linear zoom, and 24 ultra compact XLED 2007 Beams, featuring seven 15W 4-in-1 LED colour mixing modules, as the basis of a high-impact rig.


“All the lighting was designed by us, as the artiste was not accompanied by her own lighting designer,” said Temple Media CEO Dan Chiorcioiu, 


“We proposed a simple and effective lighting solution, taking into consideration the fact that the location did not allow much set-up time (only around four-to-five hours). Our lighting solution was accepted by the artiste and agreed by the local promoter - and everyone was more than satisfied.” 


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