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TEKVOX Introduces the TEK 3 TekMonitor AV System Controller

September 2015

TEKVOX has introduced the TEK 3, the third-generation of its TekMonitor networked AV and Room Controller. This new design adds greater flexibility to TEKVOX control products.

This greater flexibility is produced by allowing control of any AV or building automation device that offers a control protocol and an RS232, Infrared or IP interface. 

“With the TEK 3, TEKVOX is bringing the full benefit of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the AV control market,” said Jim Reinhart, TEKVOX CEO. “As a fully capable AV controller in addition to a fully modern sensor control gateway, the TEK 3 marks unprecedented convergence between AV and IoT.  Beacon technology for automating both human factors and asset management will be the norm and comprehensive acquisition and processing of multi-sensor data for analytics will revolutionise administration and building management functions. TEKVOX is leading both the innovation in technology and in total cost of ownership.”

Unlike other control systems using a centralised controller and custom programming, the TekMonitor is designed as a monitored distributed control system with device drivers and asset management.  As an energy-saving device, the TEK 3 is designed to easily connect to occupancy or motion sensors. TekMonitor products are configured in minutes utilising TekWizard, a component of the bundled TekManager software suite, which offers an intuitive step-by-step set up process.

The TEK 3 includes a new TekBus expansion interface, which provides an RS485 serial interface and power supply to expansion modules and TekTouchPad. This allows for easy addition of low-power relays, logic IO, multiple IoT sensors, and external wired and wireless communications modules, including wireless beacons. The flexible design enables the interface to be configured as a third RS232 serial port.

The TEK 3 is currently shipping and more information can be found on the TEKVOX website.



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