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White Light Makes the Right Noise with EM Acoustics

September 2015

EM Acoustics has released a range of new, state-of-the-art products, which includes the M-C12 and M-C15 monitor loudspeakers.


Moving away from the traditional EM Acoustics monitor design which has always consisted of dedicated wedges, these 12 and 150-inch coaxial monitor speakers work just as effectively when used either on a stand or flown, and feature hidden pole mounts and flying points for cradles. These pieces of technology will help fulfil the audio requirements of any occasion and their first sale has been made to White Light (WL), with the company continuing to establish itself as a leading audio solutions provider.


Following the appointment of Lee Dennison as Head of Audio, WL has appointed a hand-picked team of audio experts to ensure that those using the company’s audio expertise receive the best service possible. This year has already seen WL’s audio team deliver to high-profile London venues, along with the corporate and events market. 


Dennison commented: “When we started the audio department, we were confident that we had the team and resources to provide strong audio support for any occasion. A few months later we have gone on to prove this and are now being approached to provide solely the audio support on certain events.” 


After heavy investment in audio equipment, WL was appointed as a dealer for EM Acoustics, Full Fat Audio, Shure, Sennheiser and Yamaha Commercial. 


Dennison added: “By being a dealer for renowned audio manufacturers, we are able to draw on the very best equipment. As a result, we have waited specifically to purchase these new M-C12 and M-C15 speakers from EM Acoustics as we were aware of their astounding quality and wanted to be able to offer this to our clients. As such, several have already been dispatched to Twickenham for the Rugby World Cup.”


Mike Wheeler, Operations Director at EM Acoustics, said: “We have created world-class stage monitors that are extremely usable in service, from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. Every single aspect of these speakers has been meticulously thought through. Whether this is the sculpted surfaces around the connectors, the material used for the protective skids on the underside or the thicker-than-usual steel grill and supporting steel braces, each speaker has been created to provide the best sound possible whilst at the same time being sleek and elegant”. 


Both monitors use a bespoke waveguide designed by EM Acoustics’ Ed Kinsella, which was prototyped in-house using the company’s 3D facilities. Wheeler added: “We appreciate the unbelievably high standards of production specialists such as WL so we need to ensure that the equipment we provide them matches these – something our facilities allow us to do.”


In what was the very first delivery of the speakers, WL received 16 M-C12s and eight M-C15s for its rental stock. Luke McGowan, who has recently been appointed as WL’s Audio Production Engineer, said: “This is a fantastic investment for us. To have these as part of our rental stock means that any of our clients can draw on the very best audio equipment currently available – something which reflects our increasing prominence in the audio production market”. 


An additional eight M-C12 loudspeakers were also sent to WL to continue the recent audio infrastructure upgrade at Thorpe Park, which included a HALO-C line array system, MSE-218 subs and AQ & AD series amplifiers.


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