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Elevation Worship records a new album and DVD with support from Clay Paky, MA Lighting and MDG

September 2015

In front of a sold-out crowd in North Carolina, Elevation Worship used the help of Clay Paky lighting fixtures, MA Lighting grandMA2 consoles and MDG theONE atmospheric generators to support the band’s live recording and DVD shoot. A.C.T Lighting. exclusively represents all three brands in North America.

Elevation Worship is a contemporary Christian worship band from Elevation Church in Charlotte. The band has four other albums, of which the last two were also recorded live. Special Event Services (SES) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina provided sound, lighting and video support services for the live show. Elevation Church Lighting Director and Programmer Andy Bentley designed and specified the fixtures for Time Warner Cable Arena.

“We treated the recording session and 26-camera HD video shoot like any other arena show,” said Michael Brammer, Director of Touring Operations at SES.  “We provided support for Elevation Worship when they went on tour in February and have since developed a relationship with the band and Church for rentals and special events.”

SES furnished 65 Clay Paky Mythos fixtures, which primarily hung on three automated concentric circle trusses above the band.  “Andy really used the Mythos to their full potential,” says Brammer.  “Mythos is such a versatile fixture; we were able to use them as washes, spots and beams. They were bright and punchy. When you use Mythos there’s no need for any other fixture type.”

Nevertheless, SES also provided 18 Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20s, which ran in full pixel mode. Six were mounted on each side truss flown beside the stage to supply key light, side wash and visual effects. Three were on each downstage edge, too, for side wash and visual effects. “The B-EYEs were absolutely beautiful,” Brammer notes.  “The colors were so nice and rich.”

Bentley had two grandMA2 full-size consoles at the show; one active and one a tracking back up. “The grandMA2 was Andy’s console of choice,” explains Brammer. “grandMA2 is pretty much the only console we’re asked for nowadays.” The grandMA2 controlled the lighting and video content for the show; a huge LED wall wrapped around the circle trusses. Two NPUs helped run all the data; the event called for 16 universes.

SES also supplied two MDG theONE atmospheric generators for fog and haze effects throughout the show. “The efficiency and output of the units cannot be beat,” says Brammer.  “Plus, they come ready to go in a touring frame with fans and CO2 storage making it the number one choice for us.”


For Elevation Church, Kyle Shirley programmed the show, Brian Poole the production manager/FOH engineer, and Zach Kimrey was the technical director. At SES, Andrew Oaks was the lighting crew chief; Nick Bird, Jon Earp and Charity Evans the lighting techs. The event was also made possible by Elevation's technical volunteer teams that assisted with load-in and load-out.


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