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Borås Stadsteater Choose Robe LEDWash 800s

September 2015

The Stadsteater in Borås, about 60km west of Goteborg in Sweden, is one of a number of high profile city theatre and cultural centres in the country which has invested in Robe moving lights.

With the purchase of these 19 LEDWash 800s sees 10 installed in the 500 capacity main house, with nine in the smaller 100 capacity studio space. "They wanted to replace some of their colour scrollers," explained Lighting Technician and house LD Michael Dimle, "And we are absolutely delighted with the results of the LEDWashes."

With the venue being used for many dramas, concerts and corporate events, the compact size of the fixtures are ideal for being rigged above the stage. The fixtures are easily focused from the lighting desk with an ability to get a considerable amount of light out of them compared to its current scrollers. This has give Dimle the ability to produce darker colour washes very easily. 

The Stadsteater had some previous experience with Robe ColorSpot 700E ATs which were purchased in 2008. Their reliability contributed in Stadsteater looking into Robe again. 

Dimle also works for a selection of rental companies on other projects, and so has plenty of wider experience using Robe’s latest fixtures including LEDWash 600s, Pointes. He said: “All the Robe fixtures I have worked with have been incredibly robust and well-engineered.” He added that it’s not unusual to see Robe products that are 10 or 12 years old still going strong.

He really likes the 8 - 63 zoom on the LEDWash and the additional power for the same sized fixture as the best-selling LEDWash 600s. The new fixtures are also considerably more cost-effective to run. 

Dimle spoke about how visiting engineers had found the fixtures: “The external LDs all love them. We have even impressed some directors when they have realised what can be achieved with them and how quiet they are”. Silent running is essential for theatre, concert and operatic environments, and it is something that Robe has prioritised specifically in its LEDWash and DL series fixtures. 

The lights were delivered via the Goteborg office of Robe’s Swedish distributor, Bellalite who are involved with every show that is staged at the Stadsteater. Over the years, the Stadsteater has steadily purchased lighting equipment from Bellalite, a company which always offers “Excellent and very quick service,” concludes Michael. 


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