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Backstage Academy PRO Sessions

September 2015

Backstage Academy will be hosting a series of panel discussions and industry case studies focused on Visual Production and video systems in live entertainment sector on the Saturday of this years PRO show.

BA(Hons) Visual Production course leader, Shannon Harvey will host manufacturers d3, Dataton, 7th Sense and Green Hippo in a panel discussion on current and future trends in Media Server design, operation and support as production push the pixels and requirements of these constantly evolving dynamic media platforms. The manufacturers will also each be given thirty minutes to give case study examples of their systems in use as well as answer questions about current hardware and software developments.

What follows is a run down of the days events;

12:00pm to 1:00pm - Media Server Manufacturer Panel

Discussion hosted by Shannon Harvey, course leader - BA(Hons) Visual Production with guests:

Matt Barton, 7th Sense

Ryan Brown, Green Hippo

Peter Kirkup, d3 Technologies

Steve Selwyn, Dataton

The panel will discuss Topics to include; 

  • Pixel Density and the scale of video canvases. 
  • Operator training and the impact of education on product uptake. 
  • The advances of 3D visualization in workflow.
  • Software only systems vs. hardware platform providers.
  •  The effects of next generation GPUs on output density.
  •  How dynamic systems are impacting development.
  •  How manufacturers respond to new features and “support”.


1:00 to 1:30 - 7th Sense

Formed in 1999, 7thSense was designed to explore how to make best use of its founders 25+ years experience in the Simulation and Visualisation industries. With a background in electronics, software and system design, the founding members have extensive experience in system product design, R&D, specification, integration and installation. 7thSense sell their own in-house developed product lines such as the award winning Delta Media Server and have long experience in many audio visual technologies including products such as media serving, real-time distortion correction, hardware, motion control, realtime graphics and modelling, media integration.

1:30pm to 2:00pm - d3 Technologies

d3 Technologies believe in creating an environment where creative decisions can be made early in the process and where ideas can be enhanced by collaboration for over 12 years. The world’s first integrated video production suite, d3 is more than just a media server. Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets you work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements, while being completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.

2:00pm to 3:00pm - Open Question Time and Break. 

3:00pm to 3:30pm - Green Hippo 

If you trace the evolution of realtime video manipulation back to its roots, Green Hippo it the name most people think of. Since its inception at the end of the last century, the timeline of this still-growing genre is a weave of two distinct threads; The demands of users driving Green Hippo’s to create class-leading solutions woven conversely with visual moments that simply would not have been possible for the very same users without the innovative features Green Hippo has thrust upon them.

3:30 to 4:00pm - Dataton 

Dataton was founded in 1973 with a philosophy to enrich the visitor experience by providing outstanding audiovisual products. Research and development facilities are located in Linköping, Sweden. Dataton are the makers of Watchout, One of the world's most flexible and extensively used multi-display systems for live events and installations.  

4:00pm to 4:30pm - Backstage Academy Visual Production

The final presentation of the afternoon will be conducted by Shannon Harvey talking through the BA (Hons) Visual Production course and the partnerships with industry that make this one of the most unique learning experiences in the world. Shannon will present a case-study on the Visual Production students collaboration with the British Society of Theatre Designers Make/Believe  at the Prague Quadrennial this past June. The immersive experience including mapping the interior of a palace in prague with a showcase of 22 of the world's best designers.  

4:30pm to 5:00pm - Networking and Questions


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