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PR Lighting Helps Flood Relief Victims in Texas

September 2015

In the wake of the frequent and heavy storms that hit Texas recently, Omar Dawoud, promoter at live music venue, The Marc in San Marcos, organised Band Together Texas.


Blue October was confirmed as headliner, with all proceeds going to the United Way of Hays County Flood Disaster Recovery Fund. 


In order to provide relief as quickly as possible, the event came together in short order, and Dawoud called on Colorwave Lighting and other rental houses for gear. Colorwave Lighting owner Erik Johnson didn’t hesitate to volunteer his equipment, made up of PR Lighting fixtures, for the charity event. “When Omar asked if we would want to be a part of this it was a no brainer,” he stated. 


The company provided an inventory to The Marc’s house Lighting Designer Alex Soto, knowing that the different fixture types available from PR Lighting would fit the rig perfectly and make for a memorable show. All PR Lighting products in the US are sold by PR Lighting’s exclusive US distributor Mega Systems, out of San Antonio. 


Soto set the 16 fixtures to provide an even spread. These comprised four XR330 Spots, six XLED 3007s and six XLED336s. 


Soto liked what he found in working with the PR Lighting fixtures, in particular the XLED 336s, which stood comparison with the best in class. “In fact after working with the fixtures on this gig we are considering purchasing some of our own to add to the lighting rig at The Marc,” he stated. The LD also liked the larger XLED 3007 with its broader zoom range. 


For Johnson, the XLED 3007 is his preferred fixture because of its full feature set and commanding statement it makes on stage. “The XLED 3007 has zoom, pixel control, endless pan and tilt and even the new wireless DMX,” he said. “It is probably my favourite lighting fixture on the market right now and definitely my favourite light from PR Lighting.” 


The lighting looked incredible, and Band Together Texas was a resounding success. With so many services and supplies donated The Marc was able to donate a total of $183,000 to the United Way of Hays County flood relief. Dawoud concluded: “We feel a part of the community here so I am incredibly grateful that we could give back to those who give to us.” 




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