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Robe BMFLs for KolOr Eli

September 2015

High profile Israeli rental company KolOr Eli - based in Ceasaria and owned by Linda and Eli Avitan – has stated that it is delighted with its investment in Robe BMFL Spots, 14 of which were supplied by Robe’s Israeli distributor, Danor Theatre & Studio Systems.


The BMFLs were the company’s first Robe purchase. It has regularly used different Robe products via Danor Rental over the last two years, all of which helped in making the decision to choose BMFLs when seeking a powerful and versatile multi-purpose light source.


KolOr Eli was founded as a lighting and sound specialist in 1988 by Linda and Eli and, with business booming, a few years later became a limited company. By this time it had a well-established client base and were looking after the technical requirements of several major artists including vocalist Shlomi Shabat, band Caveret and singer Gidi Gov.


 “We like new technology and, of course, we also like staying ahead of the game,” commented Linda.


The lights have been out constantly on numerous different shows and events. 


Before making the purchase, KolOr Eli was considering other options for a high-powered profile fixture, which changed on the recommendation of leading Israeli LD Ronen Najar. Once he had initially seen the first BMFL Spots and reported back Linda and Eli decided to wait until the BMFL was available.


The first show for KolOr Eli’s BMFLs was a concert by Shlomi Shabat at the brand new 15,000 capacity Payis Arena in Jerusalem, with lighting designed by Amit Freeman, which was a huge success.


“We’re delighted with the BMFLs and we look forward to buying more of these and more Robe products generally in the future,” enthused Linda, adding that they are starting to see Robe in general and BMFLs in particular appearing increasingly frequently on riders, including for the show by pop singer Ivri Lider at the Rappaport Auditorium in Haifa.


The BMFL has become established extremely quickly in Israel, a country with a compact but live entertainment loving population.


KolOr Eli’s technical crews and all the LDs Linda has spoken with like the excellent intensity, almost equal to a follow spot, the clear crisp quality of the light output and the fact that the beam is constant and consistent throughout its entire path. 


The techs and stage crew appreciate the relatively lightweight. It means LDs can spec fewer fixtures as the BMFLs are truly multi-functional. 


On the Ivri Lider show, part of a corporate event with relatively limited stage space, seven BMFLs were all that was needed to make his performance really stand-out.


This lightshow, which also utilised Robe’s LEDBeam 100s, was designed by Najar who is Ivri Lider’s regular LD and a frequent user of BMFLs since they became available in Israel. It was operated by Matti Murray. 


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