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Sony launches latest evolution in digital wireless audio

September 2015

DWX-N series will bring higher audio quality and reliability for both live and studio capture.

Sony has just announced the latest evolution of the world-leading DWX Series digital wireless microphone system. The DWX-N Series offers users higher quality sound, shorter audio latency, and more reliable transmission than ever before, providing a solution that brings UHF wireless microphone technology into the digital domain.

Building on its predecessor’s success, and fully compatible with all DWX products, the DWX-N series has been developed following specific feedback from customers. The new range delivers solutions that provide incredibly high quality, flexible, and robust audio for live, studio, installation, and broadcast applications alike. The series includes the DWR-R02DN receiver, DWT-B01N belt-pack, and the DWM-02N wireless microphone.

“The DWX-N Series is our most advanced digital wireless microphone system to date,” commented James Leach, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Developed in close consultation with our customers, we’ve not only continued the exceptional audio clarity of our previous solutions, we’ve also improved the reliability of the audio transmission. Crucially, we’ve developed a system that will easily integrate with existing live and studio workflows, making the DWX-N series ideal for multiple different applications.”

Key benefits of the DWX-N series include:

 · Peerless high quality sound – developed from scratch for DWX products, the WiDIF-HP codec ensures exceptionally high quality natural sound is preserved while being passed through a digital system. It delivers the outstanding audio performance demanded by world-class audio productions at a 96 KHz signal flow for high resolution audio.

· More reliable RF transmission mode - a newly developed ENG-specific codec prevents signal drop out by interference, helping to deliver incredibly reliable transmission and provide additional error correction. This therefore also expands the operational range of the DWX-N series.

· Short Audio Latency - providing almost no signal delay, the DWX-N series provides audio latency as low as 1.5 milliseconds from microphone input to analogue output – vital for live audio productions in particular.

·  Wide-band receiver - operating with a wide bandwidth from 470 MHz to 710 MHz (depending on region) the DWR-R02DN receiver is a critical part of a truly international audio solution. Able to operate across 34 countries in Europe where this range is covered, the series also works in the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand among others.


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