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The Chemical Brothers Choose Soundcraft On-Stage

September 2015

With an unrelenting 2015 touring schedule, The Chemical Brothers have upgraded their on stage rig with a pair of Soundcraft GB8 32 mixing consoles, supplied by HD Pro Audio.

Andy Huffer of HD Pro explained, “We were contacted by Matt Cox of iMatt, who handles the live midi and system programming for The Chemical Brothers. The band was looking to retire their much-loved but road-worn 8-bus studio console from on-stage mixing duties. Effectively operating a mini-studio live on stage, the analogue format and familiarity of operation were essential factors so together with Matt we looked at all the options available to replace their existing console and narrowed it down to the Soundcraft.”

“The GB8 32 expanded the capability to meet the spec, while maintaining the operational fluency,” continued Huffer, “To enable the band to evaluate the options fully, we arranged a Soundcraft for one of their rehearsal sessions, along with several other consoles for them to compare.”

The new consoles saw action with The Chemical Brothers at Glastonbury, and are currently out on the band’s world tour to promote their highly acclaimed creative new album “Born In The Echoes”.


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