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Chauvet Gets Atmospheric with The Church

September 2015

Currently touring the US in support of the Further/Deeper album, Australian Recording Industry Hall of Fame band, The Church, employed a celestial lighting display using Chauvet Professional’s Rogue R1 Spot fixtures.


Lighting Designer Victor Zeiser of Squeek Lights and Lighting Director Kirby Naylor used eight of the LED moving fixtures in their touring rig. The positioning of the Rogue R1 Spots has varied depending on the configuration of the stage in the 25-city plus tour, which includes stops at a range of venues from New York to Los Angeles.  


At some stops, a few of the units have been put on booms and towers; at others all of the Rogues are flown on upstage truss. In each case, the Rogue fixtures are backlighting the band with searing intensity. 


“Hitting the band members with intense white light or having these brilliant beams behind them creates an aura around them that goes with what’s happening on the stage,” said Naylor.


The Rogue fixture’s two rotating gobo wheels, one of which is rotating/indexing, with interchangeable gobos, are also contributing to the extraordinary look of the show.  “The gobo wheel with a rate fader on the prism creates what I have to say is my favourite look on the tour for the hit Under The Milky Way,” said Naylor. “It really opens up a lot of opportunities to create some interesting patterns.”


Featuring a colour wheel with eight colours plus white, the Rogue R1 Spot also opened up opportunities to bathe the stage in a rainbow of lush and playful psychedelic colours that reflect the dream-pop style of The Church. 


The intense output of the Rogues made it easy to wash the stage and surrounding areas completely in blues, purples and yellows, three of the go-to colours for the tour.  Adding to the richness of the colour on stage was a collection of COLORdash Batten-Quad 6, also from Chauvet Professional, which were used for chase sequences and as blinders.


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