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Two New Hippotizers for eclipse

September 2015

Further to their recent increase of audio equipment, eclipse Staging Services have purchased two Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 Taiga media servers to add to their video inventory.


The new and completely redesigned software features the 2015 Projection Product of the year, Shape.


The servers allow basic video playback to be easily operated through a flexible new output management system and using LED video, projection or LED lighting, the servers allow for easy programming which can then be controlled via a DMX lighting console, midi or the onboard user interface. Projection mapping programming and setup is now a quick process using the new inbuilt visualiser. Running Windows 8 Embedded, 64-bit OS, V4’s entirely new hardware, with the very latest in SSD, capture and display hardware, will also feature the STRATA Caddy removable drive system. 


Head of Video for eclipse, Lee Worthington, commented: “I’m very happy we’ve taken this step further towards innovative video and projection solutions. Having these servers in our inventory makes projects simpler and faster to set up and it also means that virtually any project is completely transportable.”


During eclipse Staging Services’ busy week, supplying full technical production to the Dubai Music Week, the video crew were able to complete a three-day course conveniently within their video warehouses, thanks to Head of Training at Green Hippo, Simon Harris who flew out from the UK headquarters to conduct the training. 


“I thoroughly enjoyed training the video team from eclipse. They took to Hippotizer V4 like ducks to water and to see the product quickly exceed their high expectations was an absolute pleasure. eclipse have a very talented team of technicians and I can't wait to read about the projects they use their systems on in the near future,” commented Simon Harris, Head of Training at Green Hippo. 


“We’re excited to see how these new media servers can broaden our capabilities in our coming projects and in turn allow us to continually supply a top notch industry-leading service,” concluded Worthington. 


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