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XLNT CyberMotion Provides “Flawless” Automation on KCON

October 2015

CyberMotion North America (CMNA) has supported California-based customer Visions Lighting while using XLNT's fast and precise chain motion control system CyberHoist on the US's annual Korean pop (K-pop) convention, KCON.


Project manager Todd Roberts of California-based Visions Lighting was responsible for the concert's technical production, specifying a 24-hoist system for the integral automation element with support from CyberMotion North America. CMNA provides support, including supportive rentals, to the CyberHoist Rental Network partners in the region.


"We chose CyberHoist for a number of reasons," explained Roberts. "In the past we had used a different system but the client was ultimately not happy with the speed. They had purchased some CyberHoist systems in Korea and were delighted with the products so it was the obvious choice. We needed super fast yet smooth operation and CyberHoist delivered this."


The CyberHoist system, operated by Joeri Swagemakers and Martin Hoop, automated three sections of a vast inverted pyramid that was suspended above a centralised concert stage. Various striking visuals were projected onto the pyramid's surface.


"KCON's visual designer made it very easy for us as programmers. We were provided with drawings of the desired looks in advance which meant, after setting the limits of the CyberHoist system, we were ready to go," said Hoop. "One of our biggest challenges was the precise timing necessary for the video projection. When the sections started moving, the video had to shift to the preset position and obviously stop at the same time and position as the CyberHoist system. We are proud to say this worked perfectly every time."


"Both Joeri and Martin were excellent," continued Roberts. "The CyberHoist gear went in well and performed flawlessly. We were in a tight time frame so it was fantastic that it all worked without issue."


PJ Visser of CyberMotion North America adds: "It was a pleasure to work with Visions Lighting to support them with the off-the-shelf, plug and play motion control system to fulfil their custom motion control needs. With CMNA's knowledge in this specialised field, we were able to come up with a solid plan that was easy to execute in a timely manner."


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