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Robe's Steve Angello Creamfields Spectacular

October 2015

Steve Angello asked his Lighting Designer Jon Trincas to create something spectacular, for his headline set in the Size Matters arena at Creamfields 2015.


Trincas chose 48 Robe-manufactured PATT 2013 luminaires as part of a highly distinctive upstage wall of lights aesthetic.


The fixture, a fusion of retro styling and contemporary technology is designed by leading UK lighting designer Tim Routledge. 


At Creamfields, the 48 units were rigged on twelve 25ft high upright pre-rigged truss towers, each of which was loaded with four PATT 2013s together with an array of moving lights and blinders.


This is one of the largest collections of PATT 2013s used in a single show to date. They formed a grid that Trincas was able to map through his MA Lighting grandMA2 console.


PATT 2013 contains a 750W tungsten softlight housed in a striking spun aluminium body accentuating its curves, complete with a bright, reliable 750W HPL lamp. It produces an excellent output can also be used as a practical / scenic lighting element for any show. 


It was the first time that Trincas has used the units on one of his own designs, although he’s seen them in action on a few others. He chose them for their sublime scenic appearance as much as for the light output and what he could achieve in terms of effects.


“Steve really likes to see big classic rock ‘n’ roll looks and he loves tungsten, so I reckoned he’d appreciate these fixtures,” explained Trincas.  


With PATT 2013s so prominent on the rig, the wall of lights took on a more theatrical and less heavy metal edge, which worked perfectly with the vibe of Angello’s set.


Trincas was extremely impressed with their performance and stated: “I’ll definitely be using them again”.


The wall of lights was covered by a kabuki drape during the day which dropped as Angello took to the stage. Upstage there was a 40ft wide by 18ft high LED wall which silhouetted the industrial looking framework of the trussing metalwork, introducing another layer of depth to the whole visual production.


All the lighting equipment for Steve Angello’s set was supplied by Basingstoke based production company, Zeal Live. On-site, the technical production for Size Matters was co-ordinated by Mike Oates. 


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