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The Phantom of the Opera Takes the Stage with Clay Paky

October 2015

A series of performances of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera took place at the Musiktheaterstudio in Bad Leonfelden, for which Lighting Designer, Programmer and Operator Ingo Kelp used Clay Paky A.leda Wash K10s, Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700s and Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500s, along with other lights


Kelp explained his choice of equipment: "Some brands, like Clay Paky, are a must in theatres, not only for their excellent performance, but also for their brightness with - at the same time - extremely quiet operation. We, as a company, and I personally, as a lighting designer, have been working in the theatre industry for over 20 years and we have always invested in quality in order to ensure excellent results.” 


“But the work must be fun too. And with lights like these, that is a certainty. The chance to be creative when arranging and setting up the lights and dependable operation are the two basic requirements for a professional production."


Kelp continued: "The different scenes and various settings were not created just with the scenery, but also with the help of the lights. A good combination of moving lights and conventional theatre lighting made this variety possible. For example, the corridors were created entirely with A.ledas and moving lights." 


Kelp Lightdesign & Conception provided the lighting equipment and Kelp Medientechnik GmbH dealt with the audio and video. 



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