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Gravity Invests in XLNT Advanced Technologies CyberMotion System

October 2015

Belgium-based lighting, video and motion control design house Gravity has boosted its technical offering with an investment in XLNT CyberMotion's CyberHoist II system, the next generation of intelligent, variable speed chain hoist.


Designed for heavy-duty, worldwide touring and large-scale events, the SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) compliant CyberHoist II system greatly appealed to safety conscious Gravity, who design for corporate functions, theatre and live concerts.


"One of the things we liked most about the CyberMotion system was that it is SIL3 compliant - it makes it a perfect product as safety is our number one priority," said Gravity's Robin van Bael. 


"We were also very impressed by its ease of installation particularly as we have found there are increasingly tighter load in times because of budget and venue restraints. With the fast set up, we've reduced production costs and seen an impressive return on our investment."


The CyberHoist II system is highly intuitive, offering options such as dual channel load cell and bi-channel high-speed communication including actual load and status information from hoists and programmed objects to the operator. These specially-designed motion control chain hoists operate with a powerful 3000W engine yet move very smoothly and silently, making the system ideal for the wide scope of Gravity's projects.


In addition, CyberMotion's dedicated MotionCue3D control console and software allows fast and easy programming of objects, leaving the team more creative time to serve its clients.


"We are looking forward to using the CyberHoist II system to add an extra dimension to our design concepts," continues van Bael. "We are also eager to tour the system and are delighted it can be used anywhere thanks to its universal power supply.


"The service from XLNT has also been very good, and we greatly appreciate that we can participate in the development of the product's software as they take our feedback on board."


XLNT Advanced Technologies is based in the Netherlands, with a dedicated CyberHoist North America office to provide services to Canada and the US. Germany is taken care of by the CyberHoist Germany office.


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