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Powersoft's X Series Revolutionises No Noise's Inventory

October 2015

Determined to create the best pro audio inventory in the country, Lithuanian audio engineers and rental staging specialists, NO NOISE, have invested heavily in Powersoft’s new X8 platform.


According to creative director, Lina Stanisauskaite: “We knew Powersoft as a reliable company and X8‘s specifications spoke for themselves. There was no better way to take the plunge.”


The company was soon out supporting one of the country’s most popular artists, Sel, one of its long-term accounts, building to a massive 4 July concert in front of 12,000 people in Klaipeda.


NO NOISE takes its product acquisition seriously and had been carefully investigating the possibility of different solutions to drive different parts of their Amate Audio PA system — including Powersoft’s K20 for the subwoofers. It was while conducting further iresearch into K20 that they saw the X Series amplifiers on Powersoft website. “We quickly realised that this the product we had always been waiting for,” said Stanisauskaite.


As a relatively young company, NO NOISE’S vision was to have universal amplifiers which would be suitable for any product. “We envisaged X8 would be suitable for all parts of the system — from 2x18-inch subwoofers, line array and small 8-inch frontfill speakers,” she said.


“All our systems are working on DANTE, and X Series not only had the DANTE support, but powerful DSP with FIR filters and the three-phase power supply.“


However, before making an initial commitment for seven amplifiers (which has since been increased to nine) they needed reassurance of technical support. “Powersoft kept its promise, and we are very happy with the training given by Luigi [Chelli],” added Stanisauskaite.


As audio engineers NO NOISE also had a commitment to satisfying the highest possibly technical requirements of Sel, whose career extends back nearly 20 years. Based on drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, and backing vocals, Stanisauskaite noted that, while full range is important, the artist’s intros are dominated by low frequencies, and NO NOISE’s goal is to get eight Powersoft M-Force driven subwoofers developed by next summer for this purpose.


Summing up, Stanisauskaite said NO NOISE could not be happier with its latest investment.  “We are very happy and proud [to be Powersoft adopters]. Now we wonder how was it even possible to work with other amps? Before the X series, we did not like Class D products — no matter who the manufacturer was. But with X8, Powersoft has started a revolution.”


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