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Opening Ceremony for NAS Sports Tournament 2015 in Dubai Features Multi-Screen Video Driven by d3

October 2015

Protec, the largest live event rental company in the Middle East, once again turned to d3 Technologies for a high-profile ceremony in Dubai.

Protec selected d3 and its creative software suite to handle the video elements for the opening ceremony of the Nad Al Sheba (NAS) Sports Tournament 2015. 

The NAS Sports Tournament was held in the NAS Sports Complex where prizes were awarded in six sports: futsal (a modified version of soccer), volleyball, table-tennis, squash, running and cycling. Protec supplied its client HQ Creative with lighting, video and rigging for the opening ceremony. Two geometric-shaped screens, angled toward each other in a flying wedge formation, formed an immense backdrop for athletes and other performers on the stage below. Video elements for the giant projections were created using two d3 four by four pros, which created the mask, blend and warp for the custom screens.

Peter Jones, Protec’s d3 designer, selected d3 for its flexibility in the timeframe dedicated to rehearsals and for its MultiEdit Collaboration feature, which allowed two editors to work at the same time while rehearsals were underway. 

“The MultiEdit feature once again saved us huge amounts of time on site,” says Jones.  “The fact that we could run rehearsals and edit at the same time was key for this show.  In addition, the ability to edit and do the projection line up simultaneously made the set up quicker than expected. Now that I am familiar with the timeline I find it to be one of the easiest and quickest servers to program.”

Beyond video support, d3 also provided SMPTE time code to the MA Lighting grandMA console for lighting and laser cueing, performing vital functions across the entire production. 

“d3 performed well, as usual,” Jones reports. “Overall, the event was a success with positive feedback from the client and the customer.”


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