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TW AUDiO’s Post-Demo Day Purchase By Fajar Baiduri

November 2015

TW AUDiO has just signed a deal with a major Malaysian rental company Fajar Baiduri Events for the purchase of 24 elements of VERA36 and 20 elements of S33 subwoofers.

Established in 1992, Fajar Baiduri Events (FBE) has been progressively growing in Malaysia with a sound footing in the sound and light industry. The company started off in the industry with a focus on stage rental and construction. Now, they have grown to a full-service event production company with sound, lights, visuals, and tents. 

Its hands-on take when it comes to handling events aided the company in overcoming its shortcomings and solidifying its commitment to its clients and vice versa. With a rising list of reputable clients who demand for quality sound, FBE found themselves in search for a new system that would cater to the needs of various events. FBE’s owner, Mr. Khairul 'kojack' Isma, was already captivated by the VERA36’s 70 cm wide frame that hides dynamics and low-mid performance expected of much bigger systems. The Demo Day setup served to seal the deal for him.

“It was about time we upgraded”, said Kojack. “We’ve been looking at what the market has to offer in terms of rigging handling, set up time, loading space, and the impact it would have on my team. TW AUDiO’s VERA36 fits all these requirements. When I heard the complete system during the Demo Day, I told myself that that PA was going to be part of my company’s portfolio.” On the 8th of October, FBE’s technicians attended a two-day training session at TW AUDiO AISA’s office. Augustine Edward, TW AUDiO’s ASIA’s General Manager and TW AUDiO’s Support Asia, expanded on their knowledge of line array theory and trained them in the use of Lab.Gruppen’s Lake software and the Ease Focus II simulation software.

FBE proudly debuted its new system on the 16th of September at Padang Merbok with 24 VERA36 and 20 S33 covering an audience of 60, 000 people for a political speech. Besides the 24 VERA36 and 20 S33, FBE also purchased four Lab.Gruppen PLM 10000 amplifiers and five PLM 20000 amplifiers fitted onto three touring racks to power up the system. In addition to that are the dollies and covers for the whole system, six rigging frames to enable them to break down the system, and accessories to fly the subwoofers should the need arise.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response once I announced that I bought TW AUDiO’s VERA36 system. Our schedule became more packed than usual so this was definitely the right decision for us. With the post-sales support that I get from TW AUDiO ASIA, there is nothing more that I could ask for,” said Kojack when asked about the impact of his purchase on his company. “It is amazing and we are more than pleased,” said Bernhard Wuestner, TW AUDIO’s Managing Director. “We are very happy with FBE’s purchase. It is strengthening our constantly growing network.”



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